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Recellergy® Features

Recellergy® is the most powerful supplement of its kind. Using Liposomal
technology, we deliver more nutrients to your cells for
maximum benefit.

High-Quality Ingredients

Triggers collagen production for healthier skin*

Non-GMO Ingredients

Advanced Liposomal Technology

Not Tested on Animals

Advanced Cell Delivery

Get The Inside Story on Skin Care... Inside Your Cells


How Does It Work?

Wrinkles, dark spots, reduced elasticity and breakouts start at the cellular level. Recellergy® Skin Therapy delivers collagen-boosting, and skin-saving, nutrients directly to cells using Liposomal Encapsulation Technology.*

The Recellergy® delivery system transfers vital nutrients into cells using Liposomal Encapsulation Technology. Recellergy® products contain liposomes (tiny spheres) that protect nutrients from destruction in the digestive system. Our nutrient-filled liposomes bypass absorption barriers and enter the bloodstream, and your cells, intact and ready to work.

Nourishment at the most basic level – the cellular level.


Our Technology

High-Quality Ingredients

We start by using non-GMO, natural ingredients to ensure we develop the finest products possible.

Liposomal Technology

Recellergy® uses advanced Liposomal Encapsulation Technology. This ensures maximum delivery and less waste.

Single-Dose Packaging

We protect the product from destruction by using convenient single-dose packaging to prevent oxidation and degradation.

Advanced Delivery

Squeeze a Recellergy® packet into one ounce of liquid. Take it like a wheat grass shot – in one gulp!

How Does Recellergy® Work?

Directions for Use

Take a Shot

Snip or tear the notched end off the convenient, single-dose packet. Squeeze into one to two ounces of your favorite cool beverage and drink on an empty stomach.

Fast Delivery

Within minutes, liposomes filled with skin-nourishing nutrients bypass absorption barriers in the digestive system and make their way through the body – delivering essential nutrients to your bloodstream and your cells – where they’re needed most.

Live On

With the right dose, and the right form, Recellergy® can help keep your skin healthy and strong by supporting your immune system, collagen production, and fighting damage caused by free radicals.*